Chaat Plaza is a family owned and operated Indian restaurant. A long-nurtured dream project that captures the essence of India, our love for home comforts alongside the rapid pace of life, both existing side by side.

Our restaurant is a place just as well suited for a celebration with family or a  leisurely dinner with friends or even a quick lunch for one. Alternately, if it’s just a snack that you are craving for – sweet, savoury or a mixture of both – we are the place you have been looking for.

Always inspired by the rich, diverse flavours and home-style cooking, our menu sees re-creations of some of India’s most loved dishes as well as several family recipes from traditional and contemporary Indian cuisines and mouth-watering Indian street food. We take pride in sourcing fresh Australian produce and meat and high-quality spices and ingredients. Our vision is to serve food that not only satisfies your palate but also enriches your memories.

Our mission is to build a brand full of heritage and traditional values that enhances the joy of dining and sharing for every occasion.

Our Food

Bhalla Chaat

Our signature dishes, celebrating the traditional street food of India. A variety of textures and rich flavours, made in-house with fresh ingredients, from Samosa Chaats to Pani puris, we serve them all.

Paneer Pakora
Savoury Snacks

Bursting with flavour and packed with fresh ingredients, cooked inhouse. Maybe enjoyed as an appetizer or a quick snack. Yes, we are talking about Samosas and Pakoras and many more.

House Specials

A selection of traditional Indian dishes, such as Chicken Tikka, Paranthas and Chole Bhature. Wholesome and delicious, each with its unique identity, made with care to recreate the original flavours

Tawa-Fried Delicacies

From Punjabi burgers to Kulchas to Bombay sandwiches cooked fresh on a red-hot tawa.

Full Thali – Vegetarian
Thali Meals

Various combinations rice, roti, traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Perfect when you are super hungry.

Shahi Paneer
Chef’s Pot of Main Dishes

Traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, made according to recipes passed down for generations.